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How To Have a Safe and Fun Holiday!

Memorial Day is upon us!

Here are a few tips to help your furry friend have a safe and fun holiday:

1. Keep dogs on leash AT ALL TIMES and make sure to keep cats indoors during the holiday. Many pets don't like fireworks or can be startled by the sound, and pets that bolt in fear may find themselves running into traffic or getting lost.

2. Keep a properly fitted collar and ID tags on your pets. Accidents happen - in case your pet does get lost, make sure they can find their way home again. This is another reason to have your pets microchipped. If something happens to their collar or they refuse to wear a collar (cats, we're looking at you!), they can still be identified if found and returned home.

3. If your pet doesn't like fireworks, keep them confined to a dark room with a radio playing to distract them from the noise. If your pet's anxiety is severe, ask your vet about using anti-anxiety medications prior to the festivities.

4. Barbecues are for people, not pets! If you do allow your pet to indulge, do so in very small quantities - or expect to visit us the day after Memorial Day. Pets that should never have extras are those with stomach sensitivities, those on special diets, or diabetics. Lock up your garbage, and if your pet accidentally gets into garbage, call your vet or an emergency vet immediately for advice.

5. If you're traveling and need a sitter, make sure to book early as many are booked far out in advance for holidays. One good resource for finding pet sitters in your area is Just make sure to search for your pet sitter early to give yourself time to find the right fit for you and your furry friends.

Have a safe and pleasant holiday, and remember to thank our active service-members and veterans for their service!

Summit Animal Hospital

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